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IDEAS Rookie Camp

Independent Growth

Interests & Concentration

Social Skills


Campers get out of the comfort zone of being with their families, explore with their companions, cultivate independence in a mixed-age accommodation environment, and gain friendship through camp activities.



  • Campers find the right way to study, and let learning become an instinct

  • Campers take the first step towards socialization and exercise emotional expression 

  • Full record campmers' independent growth

Workshop Themes

Theatre Workshop

Nature Workshop

Campers explore, observe, collect questions and write observation notes under the leadership of professional instructors, master the methods of information recording and apply these tools in practice. 

Campers combine educational plays with SEL methods and emotional management , fully experience emotional expressions through stories and drama pieces.


Location: IDEAS Aranya Camp/Dehong International School

Age Range: 07-10 Yrs

Fee: ¥12800/camper 

Dates: 2023.6.18-6.23 







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