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IDEAS Service Learning Retreat

Social Services

Sustainable Impact

Community Building



IDEAS Service Learning Retreats is a set of innovative, humanistic, and cooperative research camps, with each route involving 3-4 subject areas, allowing campers to participate in real social issues. From these experiences, they can acquire critical thinking skills, complex problem-solving skills, and the ability to think in a more flexible manner.


  • Linking real social issues and excellent projects from China and abroad.

  • Campers study from different routes across multiple disciplines.

  • Stimulates campers' initiative, sense of responsibility, and sense of accomplishment.



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Ecosystem Services Based Economy Research

Campers participate in real community projects, contribute to the biological/cultural diversity of protected areas, and get in-depth experience of Jiarong Tibetan traditional culture.

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Coexistence and Harmony Research

Campers visit Cangshan Natural System and the ecological loop station project. They also take part in pioneer architecture forums and multidisciplinary workshops.


Ethnic Minority Culture Research

Campers get in-depth experience of Miao traditional culture and lifestyles while transforming such culture into productivity. They participate in new public welfare actions of local public welfare projects and serve local communities.


Dates: 2023.6.18-7.27 7.02-7.11 7.16-7.25

Fee: ¥22800/camper

Location: Yunnan/Sichuan/Guizhou China

Dates: 2023.6.18-7.27 



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