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IDEAS Aranya Science & Art Camp

Independent Growth

Interest & Concentration

Social Skills


IDEAS Aranya Science & Art Camp provides kids with multiple science and art themed workshops using Aranya's vast resources. Campers learn to build up knowledge system of their own and the ability to express creatively through PBL and scenic experience.



  • Campers get exclusive outdoor experiences through multi-themed camp activities.

  • Inclusive community that supports campers in expanding their 

  • Explore science and art with academic counselors from top institutes and receive personalized learning feedback.

Workshop Themes

Earth's Superpowers

Travelling in the Solar System

Through exploring light and laser, electricity and magnetism, atmosphere and energy, campers unveil the secrets of the solar system and appreciate the infinite charm of the universe.

Campers start from the real scene around them, and cultivate scientific thinking and hands-on ability in experiments and activities.

Earth Art Workshop

Campers connect with the Aranya community and create themed artworks, and the pieces they create have the opportunity to participate in local art exhibitions.


Location: Qinhuangdao IDEAS Aranya Camp

Age Range: 09-12 Yrs

Fee: ¥22800/camper 

Dates: 2023.7.02-7.13 




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